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The Devil's Caress 2018

Design Mike Reddy/Dark Passage Books; with kind permission of Steve Connell, Verse Chorus Press.


The Devil’s Caress is a tale of doubt, madness and a bit of golf. A classic murder mystery. A thriller with a twist…

Yes, there are howling winds, crashing waves and clifftop rendezvous. But there’s more. You see, the play is based on the book of the same name by June Wright. So, to add another layer, so-to-speak, ‘June’ guides us through the action on stage.

Until I come up with a snappy logline, consider it a classic murder mystery interwoven with the life of June Wright. Or a fascinating fusion of a talented author with her most ambitious novel.  Yes, that sounds good.

The fabulous Factory Space Theatre Company is currently in rehearsals. The Devil’s Caress will premiere at Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly in late March 2018.

Oh yes,  it’s set in Australia in the 1950’s when everyone everyone smoked, drank and dressed for dinner. And no one was on first name terms. And, as you can see  from the eye-catching new cover, I’m delighted to say The Devil’s Caress is being re-released this year for the first time since 1952…brilliant timing…hooray for Dark Passage Books!  Look out for it. Stay tuned for further details. And remember, as Marsh Mowbray says:

MARSH:  Last night someone attacked me. Was it you?