What if..?

Why aren’t I on the moon? Where is the moon? Why isn’t this the moon?
– Prosperine in What if..?

Promotional image. Factory Space Theatre Company. Pictured (l-r) Katharine Richardson, Robyn Makhoul.

Promotional image. What if..? Factory Space Theatre Company, 2014. Pictured (l-r) Katharine Richardson, Robyn Makhoul.

What if two astronauts are stuck on a desolate planet knowing they’ll never get home?  Terribly bleak. But that was the starting point of this surreal two-hander.

After a couple of drafts, it became much more whimsical and fantastical. It was staged in 2014 by Factory Space Theatre Company at Manly as part of More Sex, Death and Chocolate, a collage of new short Australian plays. Robyn Makhoul and Katharine Richardson played the exuberant & slightly unhinged astronauts.