Bohemian Rhapsody

What a Fairy Tale!

bohemianrhapsodyLoved this movie. It’s not gritty or shocking or in-your-face which I kinda expected. It’s nice. Very nice. So sit back and think of it as a fairy tale version of reality…I mean that in a nice way.

It’s so rare to get a GOOD script. This was just that. A well-written script with taut writing. I looked up who wrote it…ANTHONY McCARTEN. He is a New Zealander – hooray for our cousins across the ditch! – THAT is why it’s so good.  It’s a fresh take. Not from a formulaic weary wizened up old hack who can only write action heroes. Hope you win something shiny, Anthony!

But back to the script…

It carried everyone along with a really good pace, helped along with nifty camerawork and great editing…even some comic chicken cameos! Emotionally it didn’t really have any great highs and lows but maybe it didn’t need them. There were poignant moments where so much was unsaid that worked beautifully between Freddie and Mary; and between Freddie and his parents. When the script is so tight, you really need good actors to carry it off…happily they did.

Rami Malek was superb. Absolutely mesmerising. With the iconic look, mannerisms & charisma of Freddie Mercury.

If anything, it was too nice. Everyone was NICE. (Well, nearly everyone.) The band were nice guys. “Brian May” had a perpetually pleasant, understanding look on his face. The most raunchy scene was where a bunch of guys in leather jackets got ferried into Freddie’s house for a bit of a good time but, well, over to you to find out what eventuated.  Yes, there was conflict but it was always polite. Spinal Tap had more grit (and more rude words!) and that’s saying something…

The ending – don’t worry, I won’t reveal it –  was too prolonged. Just a couple of songs and then freeze frame would have done just as well. I kept waiting for the final song. Come on, come on, I know it’s about to end, the story is coming to an end, come on…but it kept going.

But all in all, wonderfully entertaining.  A heartwarming movie.  A movie that taps into the human need for friendship and vulnerability and forgiveness. A movie full of music to make you happy – even if you’re not a particular fan of Queen. A really fun movie – watching a bunch of good guys come up with musical ideas, aim high thanks to fearless Freddie, make it in the industry and become a world-wide phenomenon, hey it’s a winner!

As Freddie used to say: “We are the champions, my friend”.

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